PMID: 21323173


We have analysed DNA fingerprinting patterns by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) of 52 unrelated Burkholderia pseudomallei strains isolated from septicemic and localized infections from Malaysian subjects. A total of 38 PFGE types were observed among 36 septicemic and 16 localized strains with no predominant pattern. Type 25 was seen in 2 epidemiologically related strains, suggesting human to human transmission. Twelve PFGE types were shared among 26 strains (21 septicemic and 5 localized) showing close genetic relatedness with coefficient of similarity of 0.81 to 1.0. The other 26 strains (15 septicemic and 11 localized) were unrelated as shown by the similarity coefficient of < 0.8. This study showed that our B. pseudomallei strains in Malaysia were mainly heterogenous with no predominant type both in septicemic or localized strains.

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