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  1. A Hamid MS, Mohamed Ali MR, Yusof A, George J, Lee LP
    Am J Sports Med, 2014 Oct;42(10):2410-8.
    PMID: 25073598 DOI: 10.1177/0363546514541540
    BACKGROUND: A hamstring injury is one of the most common types of injury affecting athletes. Despite this, the optimal management of hamstring muscle injuries is not yet defined. The effect of autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy on the recovery of hamstring injuries is unclear.
    PURPOSE: To investigate the effect of a single PRP injection in the treatment of grade 2 hamstring muscle injuries.
    STUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial; Level of evidence, 2.
    METHODS: Twenty-eight patients diagnosed with an acute hamstring injury were randomly allocated to autologous PRP therapy combined with a rehabilitation program or a rehabilitation program only. The primary outcome of this study was time to return to play. In addition, changes in pain severity and pain interference scores over time were examined.
    RESULTS: Patients in the PRP group achieved full recovery significantly earlier than controls (P = .02). The mean time to return to play was 26.7 ± 7.0 days and 42.5 ± 20.6 days for the PRP and control groups, respectively (t(22) = 2.50, P = .02). [corrected]. Significantly lower pain severity scores were observed in the PRP group throughout the study. However, no significant difference in the pain interference score was found between the 2 groups.
    CONCLUSION: A single autologous PRP injection combined with a rehabilitation program was significantly more effective in treating hamstring injuries than a rehabilitation program alone.
    KEYWORDS: management; muscle injury; platelet-rich plasma (PRP); return to play
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  2. Abbas F.M.A., Saifullah, R., Azhar, M.E.
    Cavendish (Musa paradisiaca L, cv cavendshii) and Dream (Musa acuminata colla. AAA, cv ‘Berangan’) banana flours were prepared from ripe fruits collected from eleven markets located in Penang, Malaysia. The mineral composition (Na, K, Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn) of the flour were analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometer and the data obtained were analyzed using logistic regression model. Ripe banana flours were rich source of K and a fair source of other minerals, however logistic regression model identified Mg as an indicator to discriminate between the two types of banana flour affording 100 % correct assignation. Based on this result, mineral analysis may be suggested as a method to authenticate ripe banana flour. This study also presents the usefulness of logistic regression technique for analysis and interpretation of complex data.
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  3. Abdel Aziz MH, Badr El Dine FM, Saeed NM
    J Forensic Leg Med, 2016 Nov;44:103-110.
    PMID: 27743546 DOI: 10.1016/j.jflm.2016.10.003
    INTRODUCTION: Identification of sex and ethnicity has always been a challenge in the fields of forensic medicine and criminal investigations. Fingerprinting and DNA comparisons are probably the most common techniques used in this context. However, since they cannot always be used, it is necessary to apply different and less known techniques such as lip prints.

    AIM OF THE WORK: Is to study the pattern of lip print in Egyptian and Malaysian populations and its relation to sex and populations difference. Also, to develop equations for sex and populations detection using lip print pattern by different populations (Egyptian and Malaysian).

    SUBJECTS AND METHODS: The sample comprised of 120 adults volunteers divided into two ethnic groups; sixty adult Egyptians (30 males and 30 females) and sixty adult Malaysians (30 males and 30 females). The lip prints were collected on a white paper. Each lip print was divided into four compartments and were classified and scored according to Suzuki and Tsuchihashi classification. Data were statistically analyzed.

    RESULTS: The results showed that type III lip print pattern (intersected grooves) was the predominant type in both the Egyptian and Malaysian populations. Type II and III were the most frequent in Egyptian males (28.3% each), while in Egyptian females type III pattern was predominant (46.7%). As regards Malaysian males, type III lip print pattern was the predominant one (41.7%), while type II lip print pattern was predominant (30.8%) in Malaysian females. Statistical analysis of different quadrants showed significant differences between males and females in the Egyptian population in the third and fourth quadrants. On the other hand, significant differences were detected only in the second quadrant between Malaysian males and females. Also, a statistically significant difference was present in the second quadrant between Egyptian and Malaysian males. Using the regression analysis, four regression equations were obtained.

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  4. Abdul Rashid Ismail, Wan Normeza Wan Zakaria
    This study aims to examine the influences of the plan to further study, career growth
    and discriminatory treatment on turnover intention among technicians in electronic
    industry in Malaysia. The objectives are: (i) To identify the relationship between the
    plan to further study and turnover intention among factory technicians, (ii) To identify
    the relationship between career growth and turnover intention among factory
    technicians, and (iii)To identify the relationship between discriminatory treatment
    factors and turnover intention among factory technicians. The population involved in
    this study were the manufacturing technicians at an electronic factory. Survey
    questionnaires were used to collect data. A total of 110 questionnaires were analyzed.
    Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis were used to measure the
    degree of relationship between variables. The findings showed that all independent
    variables; plan to further study, career growth and discriminatory treatment, were
    positive moderately correlated with turnover intention.
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  5. Abdullah HM, Khairudin R, Fatimah wH
    Jurnal Psikologi Malaysia, 2014;olume 28:88-97.
    This study was carried out to determine the influence of LMX towards the SCB worker dimension in a national automotive company in Malaysia. There were 360 respondents from the automotive company involved in this study. Data collected from respondents were analysed using descriptive (demographic frequencies) and inferential statistics (correlation and regression analysis). The results showed that one of the four independent variables has a positive influence on SCB. In terms of the demographic factors, none of the variables (age, gender and period of service) made any significant difference on LMX and SCB, except the position category. Further suggestions regarding LMX and SCB are discussed based on the findings.
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  6. Abdullah JM, Farizan A, Asmarina K, Zainuddin N, Ghazali MM, Jaafar H, et al.
    Asian J Surg, 2006 Oct;29(4):274-82.
    PMID: 17098662
    The pattern of allelic loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and PTEN mutations appear to be associated with the progression of gliomas leading to a decrement in the survival rate of patients. This present study was carried out to determine the LOH and PTEN mutational status in glioma patients and its association with patients' survival.
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  7. Abdullah N, Chin NL
    Bioresour. Technol., 2010 Nov;101(21):8205-10.
    PMID: 20624604 DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2010.05.068
    Composting is a good recycling method to fully utilise all the organic wastes present in kitchen waste due to its high nutritious matter within the waste. In this present study, the optimised mixture proportions of kitchen waste containing vegetable scraps (V), fish processing waste (F) and newspaper (N) or onion peels (O) were determined by applying the simplex-centroid mixture design method to achieve the desired initial moisture content and carbon-to-nitrogen (CN) ratio for effective composting process. The best mixture was at 48.5% V, 17.7% F and 33.7% N for blends with newspaper while for blends with onion peels, the mixture proportion was 44.0% V, 19.7% F and 36.2% O. The predicted responses from these mixture proportions fall in the acceptable limits of moisture content of 50% to 65% and CN ratio of 20-40 and were also validated experimentally.
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  8. Abu Asab S, Noor SN, Khamis MF
    Singapore Dent J, 2011;32(1):19-27.
    PMID: 23739283 DOI: 10.1016/S0377-5291(12)70012-3
    This study is aimed to evaluate the accuracy of Demirjian method in estimating the chronological age of male and female Kelantanese Malay children between 6 and 16 years of age and to establish a new dental age (DA) curve if the Demirjian method was not found to be accurate. About 905 panoramic radiographs of healthy Malay children between 6 and 16 years of age were collected from the radiographic unit in the Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) and the orthodontic clinic in Hospital Kota Bharu (HKB). Children who had any disease affecting the dental development, or have agenesis in the lower arch and poor quality radiographic images were excluded. The results showed that Demirjian method overestimated the chronological age (CA) by 1.23 years for boys and 1.20 years for girls and it was less accurate for the Kelantanese Malay children. Thus new standard curve were produced and tested on external samples. Results showed that the mean difference between the chronological age and DA is about 0.17 years for boys and 0.11 years for girls. DA was more advanced in the Kelantanese Malay boys and girls as compared to French-Canadian children in all age groups. It is concluded that the Demirjian method tends to be less accurate in estimating the chronological age in Malay children. The new curve that was produced is more applicable to the Kelantanese Malay children.
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  9. Adams-Guppy J, Guppy A
    Ergonomics, 2003 Jun 20;46(8):763-79.
    PMID: 12745978 DOI: 10.1080/0014013021000056980
    As part of an organizational review of safety, interviews and questionnaire surveys were performed on over 700 commercial goods drivers and their managers within a series of related companies operating across 17 countries. The results examine the reported incidence of fatigue-related problems in drivers and their associations with near miss and accident experience as well as work and organizational factors. Experience of fatigue problems while driving was linked to time of day and rotation of shifts, though most associations were small. There were significant associations found between fatigue experiences and driver and management systems of break taking and route scheduling. The quantitative combined with qualitative information suggested that, where feasible, more flexible approaches to managing the scheduling and sequencing of deliveries assisted drivers in managing their own fatigue problems through appropriate break-taking. The results are interpreted within the overarching principles of risk assessment and risk control.
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  10. Adipriyana, Raditianto, Rosmahaida Jamaludin, Hayati Habibah Abdul Talib
    Management is consistently facing fast-flowing and lots of changes in business, including in the inventory management. Especially for fast-moving inventories, the correct stocking, controlling, checking and safety stock calculation is highly needed to have an exquisite inventory management and to reduce the possibility of running out of inventory which leads to unavailability to meet the demand. One of the ways to overcome this is by doing an excellent and appropriate forecasting. Therefore, the objective of this concept paper is to analyse and recommend tools to improve inventory management using the appropriate time-series forecasting method. The firm studied in this study is serving its employees as customers that demand the routine items including stationeries and other routine products to support their job as auditors and consultants for its client. However, there are occasions when there is out-of-stock situation for fast-moving items, especially in the peak season period. Furthermore, the firm is only applying replenishment based on the used inventories from the previous month. Therefore, this study suggests to eliminate out-of-stock items situation by applying precaution initiatives such as time-series forecasting. This study is planned to employ 10 time-series forecasting methods such as moving average, exponential smoothing, regression analysis, Holt-Winters analysis, Seasonal analysis and Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) using Risk Simulator Software. By simulating those methods, the most appropriate method is selected based on the forecasting accuracy measurement.
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  11. Ahmad AA, Hameed BH
    J. Hazard. Mater., 2010 Mar 15;175(1-3):298-303.
    PMID: 19883979 DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2009.10.003
    In this work, the adsorption potential of bamboo waste based granular activated carbon (BGAC) to remove C.I. Reactive Black (RB5) from aqueous solution was investigated using fixed-bed adsorption column. The effects of inlet RB5 concentration (50-200mg/L), feed flow rate (10-30 mL/min) and activated carbon bed height (40-80 mm) on the breakthrough characteristics of the adsorption system were determined. The highest bed capacity of 39.02 mg/g was obtained using 100mg/L inlet dye concentration, 80 mm bed height and 10 mL/min flow rate. The adsorption data were fitted to three well-established fixed-bed adsorption models namely, Adam's-Bohart, Thomas and Yoon-Nelson models. The results fitted well to the Thomas and Yoon-Nelson models with coefficients of correlation R(2)>or=0.93 at different conditions. The BGAC was shown to be suitable adsorbent for adsorption of RB5 using fixed-bed adsorption column.
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  12. Ahmad N, Oranye NO
    J Nurs Manag, 2010 Jul;18(5):582-91.
    PMID: 20636507 DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2834.2010.01093.x
    AIMS: To examine the relationships between nurses' empowerment, job satisfaction and organizational commitment in culturally and developmentally different societies.
    BACKGROUND: Employment and retention of sufficient and well-committed nursing staff are essential for providing safe and effective health care. In light of this, nursing leaders have been searching for ways to re-engineer the healthcare system particularly by providing an environment that is conducive to staff empowerment, job satisfaction and commitment.
    METHODS: This is a descriptive correlational survey of 556 registered nurses (RNs) in two teaching hospitals in England and Malaysia.
    RESULTS: Although the Malaysian nurses felt more empowered and committed to their organization, the English nurses were more satisfied with their job.
    CONCLUSION: The differences between these two groups of nurses show that empowerment does not generate the same results in all countries, and reflects empirical evidence from most cross cultural studies on empowerment.
    IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING MANAGEMENT: Nursing management should always take into consideration cultural differences in empowerment, job satisfaction and commitment of nursing staff while formulating staff policies.
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  13. Ahmed Kaid, N. A., Norbaiyah, M. B., Imad, M. A., Norazian, M. H.
    Introduction: This study aims to build a standardization method for preparation of effective powder from
    FSA and to quantify diosgenin in FSA. Methodology: One kg of FS were used in this study. Setting: BMS, KOM
    and KOP, IIUM Kuantan campus. FS were washed with distilled water to exclude any foreign matter, and
    were then air dried. FS-powder were put in distilled water in a ratio of 1 g of powder in 20 ml of distilled
    water and were shaken at room temperature for 24 hours. Ten mg of hydrolyzed extract sample was diluted
    in 10 ml volumetric flask with methanol for 15 minutes. Chromatographic estimation was performed using
    an equilibrated reverse phase Eclipse XDB-C18 column (particle size 5 µg, 4.6 mm x 150 mm). Results: One
    gram of FSA extract was hydrolyzed to produce sapogenins and 46.6% was recovered. A calibration curve
    that was constructed based on five dilutions of diosgenin standard at concentrations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 and
    50 ppm produced a linear graft (r = 0.999). The concentration of diosgenin in FSA extract as calculated using
    the regression analysis was found to be 29.66 µg/ml, 13.81 % w/w on dried weight basis. Conclusion:
    Preparation and standardization of effective powder from FSA are the corner stone of many scientific
    researches in IIUM and Malaysia. Diosgenin is available in the FSA in adequate concentration. The adequate
    amount of diosgenin in the FSA will guide us to do further study in the way of preparation of a natural
    product that can be used in the field of reversible anti-fertility therapy.
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  14. Ahn MY, Jiamsakul A, Khusuwan S, Khol V, Pham TT, Chaiwarith R, et al.
    J Int AIDS Soc, 2019 02;22(2):e25228.
    PMID: 30803162 DOI: 10.1002/jia2.25228
    INTRODUCTION: Multiple comorbidities among HIV-positive individuals may increase the potential for polypharmacy causing drug-to-drug interactions and older individuals with comorbidities, particularly those with cognitive impairment, may have difficulty in adhering to complex medications. However, the effects of age-associated comorbidities on the treatment outcomes of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) are not well known. In this study, we investigated the effects of age-associated comorbidities on therapeutic outcomes of cART in HIV-positive adults in Asian countries.

    METHODS: Patients enrolled in the TREAT Asia HIV Observational Database cohort and on cART for more than six months were analysed. Comorbidities included hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidaemia and impaired renal function. Treatment outcomes of patients ≥50 years of age with comorbidities were compared with those <50 years and those ≥50 years without comorbidities. We analysed 5411 patients with virological failure and 5621 with immunologic failure. Our failure outcomes were defined to be in-line with the World Health Organization 2016 guidelines. Cox regression analysis was used to analyse time to first virological and immunological failure.

    RESULTS: The incidence of virologic failure was 7.72/100 person-years. Virological failure was less likely in patients with better adherence and higher CD4 count at cART initiation. Those acquiring HIV through intravenous drug use were more likely to have virological failure compared to those infected through heterosexual contact. On univariate analysis, patients aged <50 years without comorbidities were more likely to experience virological failure than those aged ≥50 years with comorbidities (hazard ratio 1.75, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.31 to 2.33, p 

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  15. Akbari S, Mahmood SM, Ghaedi H, Al-Hajri S
    Polymers (Basel), 2019 Jun 14;11(6).
    PMID: 31207965 DOI: 10.3390/polym11061046
    Copolymers of acrylamide with the sodium salt of 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid-known as sulfonated polyacrylamide polymers-had been shown to produce very promising results in the enhancement of oil recovery, particularly in polymer flooding. The aim of this work is to develop an empirical model through the use of a design of experiments (DOE) approach for bulk viscosity of these copolymers as a function of polymer characteristics (i.e., sulfonation degree and molecular weight), oil reservoir conditions (i.e., temperature, formation brine salinity and hardness) and field operational variables (i.e., polymer concentration, shear rate and aging time). The data required for the non-linear regression analysis were generated from 120 planned experimental runs, which had used the Box-Behnken construct from the typical Response Surface Methodology (RSM) design. The data were collected during rheological experiments and the model that was constructed had been proven to be acceptable with the Adjusted R-Squared value of 0.9624. Apart from showing the polymer concentration as being the most important factor in the determination of polymer solution viscosity, the evaluation of the model terms as well as the Sobol sensitivity analysis had also shown a considerable interaction between the process parameters. As such, the proposed viscosity model can be suitably applied to the optimization of the polymer solution properties for the polymer flooding process and the prediction of the rheological data required for polymer flood simulators.
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  16. Al-Darraji HA, Altice FL, Kamarulzaman A
    Trop. Med. Int. Health, 2016 Aug;21(8):1049-1058.
    PMID: 27197601 DOI: 10.1111/tmi.12726
    OBJECTIVES: To investigate the prevalence of previously undiagnosed active tuberculosis (TB) cases among prisoners in Malaysia's largest prison using an intensified TB case-finding strategy.

    METHODS: From October 2012 to May 2013, prisoners housed in two distinct units (HIV-negative and HIV-positive) were approached to participate in the TB screening study. Consenting prisoners submitted two sputum samples that were examined using GeneXpert MTB/RIF, smear microscopy and liquid culture. Socio-demographic and clinical information was collected and correlates of active TB, defined as having either a positive GeneXpert MTB/RIF or culture results, were assessed using regression analyses.

    RESULTS: Among the total of 559 prisoners, 442 (79.1%) had complete data; 28.7% were HIV-infected, 80.8% were men and the average age was 36.4 (SD 9.8) years. Overall, 34 (7.7%) had previously undiagnosed active TB, of whom 64.7% were unable to complete their TB treatment in prison due to insufficient time (<6 months) remaining in prison. Previously undiagnosed active TB was independently associated with older age groups (AOR 11.44 and 6.06 for age ≥ 50 and age 40-49 years, respectively) and with higher levels of immunosuppression (CD4 < 200 cells/ml) in HIV-infected prisoners (AOR 3.07, 95% CI 1.03-9.17).

    CONCLUSIONS: The high prevalence of previously undiagnosed active TB in this prison highlights the inadequate performance of internationally recommended case-finding strategies and suggests that passive case-finding policies should be abandoned, especially in prison settings where HIV infection is prevalent. Moreover, partnerships between criminal justice and public health treatment systems are crucial to continue TB treatment after release.

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  17. Al-Dubai SA, Ganasegeran K, Perianayagam W, Rampal KG
    ScientificWorldJournal, 2013;2013:137620.
    PMID: 24367238 DOI: 10.1155/2013/137620
    This study was the first to explore factors associated with emotional burnout (EB) among medical residents in Malaysia. A cross-sectional study was conducted in a universal sample of 205 medical residents in a Malaysian general hospital. The self-administered questionnaire used consisted of questions on sociodemographics and work characteristics, sources of job stress, professional fulfillment, engagement, and EB. EB was measured using the emotional exhaustion subscale, the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). Mean (±SD) age of the respondents was 26.5 (±1.6). The most common source of job stress was "fear of making mistakes." Most of the participants were dissatisfied with the increase of residentship period from one year to two years. A high level of EB was reported by 36.6% of the respondents. In multivariate analysis, the most important correlates of EB were sources of job stress, professional fulfillment, and engagement. A high prevalence of EB was found among medical residents. Sociodemographic characteristics, performance pressure, and satisfaction with policies were significantly associated with EB. Although this study was limited by its cross-sectional design, its findings posit a sufficient foundation to relevant authorities to construct, amend, and amalgamate existing and future policies. Nothing will sustain you more potently than the power to recognize in your humdrum routine, as perhaps it may be thought, the true poetry of life-the poetry of the common place, of the common man, of the plain, toil-worn woman, with their loves and their joys, their sorrows and their grief.SirWilliam Osler, Aphorisms from the Student Life (Aequanimitas, 1952).
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  18. Al-Fakih AM, Algamal ZY, Lee MH, Aziz M, Ali HTM
    SAR QSAR Environ Res, 2019 Feb;30(2):131-143.
    PMID: 30734580 DOI: 10.1080/1062936X.2019.1568298
    An improved binary differential search (improved BDS) algorithm is proposed for QSAR classification of diverse series of antimicrobial compounds against Candida albicans inhibitors. The transfer functions is the most important component of the BDS algorithm, and converts continuous values of the donor into discrete values. In this paper, the eight types of transfer functions are investigated to verify their efficiency in improving BDS algorithm performance in QSAR classification. The performance was evaluated using three metrics: classification accuracy (CA), geometric mean of sensitivity and specificity (G-mean), and area under the curve. The Kruskal-Wallis test was also applied to show the statistical differences between the functions. Two functions, S1 and V4, show the best classification achievement, with a slightly better performance of V4 than S1. The V4 function takes the lowest iterations and selects the fewest descriptors. In addition, the V4 function yields the best CA and G-mean of 98.07% and 0.977%, respectively. The results prove that the V4 transfer function significantly improves the performance of the original BDS.
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  19. Alam MZ, Muyibi SA, Toramae J
    J Environ Sci (China), 2007;19(6):674-7.
    PMID: 17969639
    The adsorption capacity of activated carbon produced from oil palm empty fruit bunches through removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol from aqueous solution was carried out in the laboratory. The activated carbon was produced by thermal activation of activation time with 30 min at 800 degrees C. The adsorption process conditions were determined with the statistical optimization followed by central composite design. A developed polynomial model for operating conditions of adsorption process indicated that the optimum conditions for maximum adsorption of phenolic compound were: agitation rate of 100 r/min, contact time of 8 h, initial adsorbate concentration of 250 mg/L and pH 4. Adsorption isotherms were conducted to evaluate biosorption process. Langmuir isotherm was more favorable (R2 = 0.93) for removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol by the activated carbon rather than Freundlich isotherm (R2 = 0.88).
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