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  1. Ng, K.M., Adam, N.M., Azmi, B.Z.
    A numerical simulation of UPM Solar Bowl is presented in this paper. The numerical analysis considereda general model of solar bowl, which was divided into three modules: (a) reflection characterisation ofthe bowl, (b) solar flux density along the receiver, and (c) radiation contour mapping of the receiver.The governing equations are resolved in a segregated manner using Matlab programming environment.The influence of the tropical clear sky irradiance on the collector was numerically studied, whereas thecollector performance in time domain was also quantified. Single reflection is a major element in thermalconcentration. It was observed that solar flux density of collector substantially deteriorated during offsolar noon hour, in which during 08:00 and 16:00 under clear sky of tropics, the percentage reductionof flux density is over 82% at all points of the receiver. The simulated radiation contour mapping of thereceiver supports the finding. Other results of the UPM Solar Bowl simulation model are also shownand discussed.
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  2. Al-Janabi A, Al-Wahdani B, Ammar W, Arsenault C, Asiedu EK, Etiebet MA, et al.
    Lancet Glob Health, 2018 11;6(11):e1144-e1145.
    PMID: 30196091 DOI: 10.1016/S2214-109X(18)30372-3
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  3. Suhaida Abdullah, Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaya, Abdul Rahman Othman
    Sains Malaysiana, 2011;40:1187-1192.
    Ujian Alexander-Govern merupakan ujian kesamaan sukatan memusat yang teguh pada keadaan varians heterogen. Malangnya ujian ini tidak teguh pada keadaan data tidak normal. Adaptasi penganggar teguh seperti penganggar M satu langkah terubah suai (MOM) sebagai sukatan memusat menggantikan min didapati berupaya meningkatkan keteguhan ujian ini apabila dijalankan pada data terpencong. Penganggar ini mempunyai kelebihan berbanding min kerana tidak dipengaruhi oleh data yang tidak normal. Kajian ini mendapati bahawa ujian Alexander-Govern yang telah diubah suai ini berupaya mengawal Ralat Jenis I dengan baik pada data terpencong untuk semua keadaan. Kadar Ralat Jenis I yang dihasilkan kebanyakannya berada di dalam selang kriteria teguh ketat (0.045 hingga 0.055) pada aras keertian 0.05. Berbeza dengan kaedah pengujian asal yang mana pada kebanyakan keadaan, ujian teguh tetapi hanya dengan kriteria liberal (0.025 hingga 0.075), malahan ada kedaan yang mana ujian tidak teguh. Prestasi kaedah yang diubah suai ini juga setanding dengan keadah asal pada keadaan data normal. Kajian ini juga membandingkan kaedah Alexander Govern yang diubah suai dengan kaedah pengujian klasik seperti ujian-t dan ANO VA dan menyaksikan bahawa kaedah klasik tidak teguh pada keadaan varians heterogen.
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  4. Rampal KG
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2000 Sep;55(3):295-8.
    PMID: 11200706
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  5. Suzei Mat Nurudin, Nor Suhaiza Md Khalid, Zarina Mohd Zain
    The local government is the closest government to the local community and identified as the third level
    of government after the state and federal governments. Each local government has their own power to
    enact by-laws under their respective administration. By-laws is a formulation of the law under the
    jurisdiction of local government in performing its duties and functions covering the administrative area
    that has been identified by the state government. Some of the by-laws play a part in shaping the
    personality of the community, especially in local government areas which are quite different approach
    such as Kota Bharu Municipal Council of Islamic Cities (MPKB-BRI). By-laws implemented by
    MPKB-BRI are very different compared to other states in Malaysia which is the provisions of the bylaws
    that suggests the aurat closure and appropriate clothing among traders, business premises owners
    and local communities. The purpose of this study is to review the extent of the by-laws implemented by
    MPKB-BRI to influence and shaping the personality of the local community in Kota Bharu district,
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  6. Anuar Ishak
    The effect of radiation on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) boundary layer flow of a viscous fluid over an exponentially stretching sheet was studied. The governing system of partial differential equations was transformed into ordinary differential equations before being solved numerically by an implicit finite-difference method. The effects of the governing parameters on the flow field and heat transfer characteristics were obtained and discussed. It was found that the local heat transfer rate at the surface decreases with increasing values of the magnetic and radiation parameters.
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  7. Tay W, Yap S, Wong C
    Sains Malaysiana, 2014;43:583-594.
    The electrical characteristics of a filamentary dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) are studied experimentally and numerically. The DBD system which has parallel plate electrodes geometry is powered by a 50 Hz power supply and operated at atmospheric air. A dynamic electric circuit model considering the discharge region and the non-discharge region being connected by a surface resistance is proposed. Simulation using this model is shown to fit the experimentally measured QV diagram satisfactorily. The effects of the air gap distance and the dielectric surface on the discharge behavior are then investigated. It is found that the surface resistivity of the dielectric is one of the important parameters governing the discharge behavior.
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  8. Mohsin M, Zhang J, Saidur R, Sun H, Sait SM
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int, 2019 Aug;26(22):22494-22511.
    PMID: 31161545 DOI: 10.1007/s11356-019-05564-6
    In this study, we proposed integrated tools to evaluate the wind power potential, economic viability, and prioritize 15 proposed sites for the installation of wind farms. Initially, we used modified Weibull distribution model coupled with power law to assess the wind power potential. Secondly, we employed value cost method to estimate per unit cost ($/kWh) of proposed sites. Lastly, we used Fuzzy Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (F-TOPSIS) to rank the best alternatives. The results indicate that Pakistan has enormous wind power potential that cost varies from 0.06 $/kWh to 0.58 $/kWh; thus, sites S12, S13, S14, and S15 are considered as the most economic viable locations for the installation of wind power project, while remaining sites are considered to be less important, due to other complexities. The further analysis using Fuzzy-TOPSIS method reveals that site S13 is the most optimal location followed by S12, S14, and S14 for the development of wind power project. We proposed that government should formulate wind power policy for the implementation of wind power projects in order to meet energy demand of the country.
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  9. Sivanandam AF, Hon YK, Yuen S, Muninathan P, Goh PP, Lim TO
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2010 Jun;65 Suppl A:138-42.
    PMID: 21488475
    The objective of this review is to better understand the concept of investigator-initiated trials and its benefits. While investigator-initiated trials can be an invaluable tool, there are several challenges in its initiation and management. However, it is for these reasons that Clinical Research Centre (CRC) had developed the Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT) Programme where financial support and technical assistance are provided to local investigators embarking on their own clinical trials. In the course of preparing the review, we found that the inclination of investigator-initiated trials has yet to be well established in Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Given the potential and impact of such trials, clinicians should be aware of their ability as well as the availability of a supportive network in mobilising their concerted research efforts. Greater research collaboration among investigators could foster more innovative, insightful and constructive research.
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  10. Nurushshahirah Sabodin, Adekunle Qudus Adeleke
    This paper examined the significant relationship between government regulation and
    construction waste management among Malaysian construction industries. Survey
    was conducted among 10 contractors registered G7, using proportionate stratified
    random sampling, out of which 10 questionnaire were collected for data analysis with
    five point Likert scale categories of waste management from previous studies,
    statistical analysis affirmed a significant positive relationship between government
    regulation and construction waste management in Malaysian construction industries
    through Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.
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  11. Fahrni ML, Franklin BD, Rawaf S, Majeed A
    JRSM Open, 2014 Feb;5(2):2042533313515475.
    PMID: 25057369 DOI: 10.1177/2042533313515475
    In the UK, there are policy and regulatory concerns regarding the governance of care homes and healthcare provision within these homes. From a public health perspective, these issues can pose significant challenges to the provision of safe and quality medication use services to care home residents. The objective of this paper is to highlight an important and neglected issue for the growing population of institutionalized older adults. We reviewed relevant literature for the years 2000 to present and identified recent efforts undertaken to improve medication safety standards in UK care homes. We consider the limitations and reasons for the National Health Service's restricted role and lack of leadership in providing medical services for this institutionalized population. The efforts taken by the Department of Health and other healthcare authorities targeting medication safety in care homes are also highlighted. In order to improve the quality of healthcare, specifically in areas related to medication safety and quality use of medicines, interventions need to be taken by the national government and similarly by local authorities and NHS commissioners.
    Matched MeSH terms: Government; Federal Government
  12. Mohamad N, Abu Bakar NH, Mohamed NA, Baharudin KA, Noh AY, Ahmad R, et al.
    Malays J Med Sci, 2007 Jan;14(1):79-83.
    PMID: 22593659 MyJurnal
    Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine are two specialties which are similar in the multidisciplinary involvement during the acute phase of the disaster. Recently, there was an increase in the number of disasters in the world but not many physicians are familiar with the principles for dealing with such situations, the unique organizational demands, coordination and the urgent need for medical assistance and relief. This case report delineates our experiences at a tsunami disaster area and the approach to setting up a medical relief team in the affected area. A medical reconnaissance team comprising of an emergency doctor from Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (H.U.S.M) and two MERCY Malaysia members was assembled. The team flew to Colombo on day 5 after the tsunami with medical supplies and related materials. The mission started from December 31(st) 2004 until January 8(th) 2005. Our surveillance area covered the Southern and Eastern Province with a total distance of 1700 km along the coast. The strategies employed during this medical reconnaissance included risk analysis, devising a resources matrix, developing lines of communication and rapport with other relief teams, Sri Lankan government agencies, and local and international non-government organizations. As a result, our team was able to set up a medical relief camp and distribute the relief items to the tsunami victims. In conclusion, the Disaster Emergency Medical Assistant Team (DEMAT) from H.U.S.M and MERCY Malaysia were able to set up and provide medical relief with our limited resources to a large scale disaster situation.
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  13. Othman AA, Yusof Z, Saub R
    Gerodontology, 2014 Jun;31(2):136-44.
    PMID: 23173906 DOI: 10.1111/ger.12023
    To assess Malaysian government dentists' experience, willingness and barriers in providing domiciliary care for elderly people.
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  14. Shanmuga Sundara Raj S, Fun HK, Zhang XJ, Tian YP, Xie FX, Ma JL
    Acta Crystallogr C, 2000 Oct;56 (Pt 10):1238-9.
    PMID: 11025310
    In the crystal structure of the title compound, C(11)H(16)N(4)OS, the phenyl ring and the thiosemicarbazone moiety from a dihedral angle of 7.7 (1) degrees. The crystal structure is governed by N-H.O and O-H.S hydrogen bonds leading to the formation of a two-dimensional network.
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  15. Fuyuno I
    Nat. Biotechnol., 2005 Aug;23(8):908-9.
    PMID: 16082349
    Matched MeSH terms: Financing, Government/organization & administration*; Government Programs/organization & administration*
  16. Mak, Joon-Wah
    The International Medical University (IMU) has encouraged and facilitated research activities since 2001. Research activities by undergraduates, postgraduates, and faculty members have increased substantially since then. The governance aspects of research activities are closely monitored by the Institutional Review Board which is the IMU-Joint Committee on Research and Ethics. (Copied from article)
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  17. Omar, A.R.
    ASM Science Journal, 2011;5(1):71-72.
    The government’s science and technology (S&T) apparatus is now in active consultation to formulate the third national S&T policy (NSTP3) and I have been involved in some of these meetings and have benefitted from them. In an earlier article (New Straits Times, 9 July 2011, p. 18) I had briefly described the two previous policies and given some thought on what the essentials of the NSTP3 should be. I am now offering some further thoughts on the subject. (Copied from article).
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  18. Asdarina, Y., Abdurrahman, H.N., Amirah, N.F.S., Natrah, S.A.R., Norasmah, M.M., Zulkafli, H.
    Increasing demands in palm oil industry hence resulting the production of palm oil to increase. It is then creating a major problem in disposing the waste to be treat in appropriate ways. The governments are forced to look for alternative technology for the palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment because the demand of oil increases with the awareness on increasing environmental issue. Therefore, a new technology must be found in order to reduce energy consumption, to meet legal requirements on emission and for cost reduction and also increased quality of water treatment. Membrane Anaerobic System (MAS) is a promising alternative way to overcome these issues. In this study, the efficiency of the MAS performance increases to 99.03% in ten days operation. The application of Monod, Contois and Chen & Hashimoto models were used to analyze the performance of MAS for treating POME. The results from the experiment show the substrate removal model is well fits for estimation of kinetics membrane anaerobic system. Amongst them, the Contois and Monod models predicted the bio-kinetic reactions of the MAS very well with coefficient of determination (R2>97%) values. The MAS bioreactor was creating to be an improvement method as well as successful biological treatment since the graph shows linearized which is good agreement with reported in literature.
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  19. Esther, E., Shahrul, K., Low, W.Y.
    \Elderly abuse exists in our society but is hardly ever reported. This problem often remains undetected because of poor public awareness and lack of knowledge among health care personnel. This article addresses the definition of elderly abuse, characteristics of the abused elderly and their abusers as well as strategies to detect and manage it. Collaboration between health care professionals and government bodies is needed to identify and manage elderly abuse. Ultimately, a legislative "Elder Protective Act" should be implemented to safeguard the rights of our vulnerable elderly.
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