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  1. Ee R, Lim YL, Yin WF, Chan KG
    Genome Announc, 2014;2(2).
    PMID: 24699956 DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.00245-14
    We report the first complete genome sequence of Pandoraea sp. strain RB-44, which was found to possess quorum-sensing properties. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first documentation of both a complete genome sequence and quorum-sensing properties of a Pandoraea species.
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  2. Pilcher NJ, Adulyanukosol K, Das H, Davis P, Hines E, Kwan D, et al.
    PLoS One, 2017;12(12):e0190021.
    PMID: 29284017 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0190021
    Fisheries bycatch is a widespread and serious issue that leads to declines of many important and threatened marine species. However, documenting the distribution, abundance, population trends and threats to sparse populations of marine species is often beyond the capacity of developing countries because such work is complex, time consuming and often extremely expensive. We have developed a flexible tool to document spatial distribution and population trends for dugongs and other marine species in the form of an interview questionnaire supported by a structured data upload sheet and a comprehensive project manual. Recognising the effort invested in getting interviewers to remote locations, the questionnaire is comprehensive, but low cost. The questionnaire has already been deployed in 18 countries across the Indo-Pacific region. Project teams spent an average of USD 5,000 per country and obtained large data sets on dugong distribution, trends, catch and bycatch, and threat overlaps. Findings indicated that >50% of respondents had never seen dugongs and that 20% had seen a single dugong in their lifetimes despite living and fishing in areas of known or suspected dugong habitat, suggesting that dugongs occurred in low numbers. Only 3% of respondents had seen mother and calf pairs, indicative of low reproductive output. Dugong hunting was still common in several countries. Gillnets and hook and line were the most common fishing gears, with the greatest mortality caused by gillnets. The questionnaire has also been used to study manatees in the Caribbean, coastal cetaceans along the eastern Gulf of Thailand and western Peninsular Malaysia, and river dolphins in Peru. This questionnaire is a powerful tool for studying distribution and relative abundance for marine species and fishery pressures, and determining potential conservation hotspot areas. We provide the questionnaire and supporting documents for open-access use by the scientific and conservation communities.
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  3. Nawawi O, Ying Goh K, Rahmat K
    Iran J Radiol, 2012 Nov;9(4):212-6.
    PMID: 23408015 DOI: 10.5812/iranjradiol.8517
    Primary neuroendocrine carcinoma of the breast is a very rare malignant tumor. There are not many cases reported in the English literature since it was first documented in 1983. Reports on the imaging features, in particular the ultrasonographic features of this rare tumor are scarce. Herein, we report a case of aggressive primary infiltrating neuroendocrine carcinoma of the breast, masquerading as an inflammatory breast condition in a 22-year-old young lady, perhaps the youngest case ever reported in the English literature. We discuss the imaging features and highlight the Doppler ultrasonographic findings of this rare breast carcinoma. This is the first documentation on Doppler ultrasonographic findings of primary neuroendocrine carcinoma of the breast in the literature.
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  4. Ahmad Fuad Ab Ghani, Azrin Ahmad, Nor Salim Muhammad, Reduan Mat Dan, Rustamreen Jenal
    This study describes the review on maintenance related issues during design and construction stage
    within construction industry. The paper highlights the causes and errors made during design and
    construction stage and their impact during the operation/production/occupancy stage as well as the
    maintenance costs associated with it. The study identifies the mistakes in the working processes within
    design and construction stage leading to the errors that affect the durability, performance, reliability,
    maintainability, availability and safety of the systems. The paper presents a comprehensive review of
    the published literatures, journals, technical papers in the related areas in the construction field. The
    review highlights the new approaches and decision framework which link the designers and
    construction personnel that could reduce the errors and defects in construction which then lead to
    maintenance issues and asset management. The factors of accessibility, materials, design and
    documentation standardization have been discussed thoroughly for better understanding in improving
    maintenance and physical asset management in project commissioning.
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  5. Ng, V.H., Ahmad Khaldun, I., Siti Sarah, M.Z., Ida Zarina, Z.
    Medicine & Health, 2018;13(2):114-121.
    Pain is one of commonest presentations at Emergency Department (ED). Previous studies showed inadequate pain control in ED. However, few have addressed specific, practical methods of improving the timeliness and frequency of pain control in emergency setting. This study was a randomized controlled trial in a simulated environment of an actual functioning ED using a timer device to remind care personnel to assess pain and provide analgesia at set intervals versus a “standard therapy” group without visual/audio aids. The mean documentation performance scores between timer and control groups were 94.45% + 5.85 vs 72.22% + 17.57 (p
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  6. Ghazalli MN, Md Sah MS, Mat M, Awang K, Jaafar MA, Mirad R, et al.
    Trop Life Sci Res, 2021 Mar;32(1):107-117.
    PMID: 33936554 DOI: 10.21315/tlsr2021.32.1.7
    Mitragyna speciosa (Korth.) Havil. or locally known as ketum/daun sebiak/biak-biak belongs to Rubiaceae family and generally occurs in secondary forest or disturbed areas in tropical and subtropical region. This research enumerated the characterisation of Mitragyna speciosa leaf anatomy and micromorphology features which is still not well documented. This medium to large sized tree species characterised with opposite arrangement, ovate-acuminate leaf and with 12-17 pairs of veins. Transverse sections of petioles showed that this species has petiole outlines with slightly convex at the middle of the adaxial part and 'U'-shaped on abaxial side. Results also showed that this species has paracytic and hypostomatic stomata, combination of non-glandular (majority) and glandular trichomes (minority), with observation on the secretory cells present in petiole and midrib parenchyma cells. Cuticle on the abaxial and adaxial epidermal surfaces showed the presence granule and wax films with periclinal and anticlinal walls can be differentiated clearly. The results obtained in this study can be used to providing additional systematics information of Mitragyna speciosa with the documentation of the leaf anatomy and micromorphology characters.
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  7. Mujtaba G, Shuib L, Raj RG, Rajandram R, Shaikh K
    J Forensic Leg Med, 2018 Jul;57:41-50.
    PMID: 29801951 DOI: 10.1016/j.jflm.2017.07.001
    OBJECTIVES: Automatic text classification techniques are useful for classifying plaintext medical documents. This study aims to automatically predict the cause of death from free text forensic autopsy reports by comparing various schemes for feature extraction, term weighing or feature value representation, text classification, and feature reduction.

    METHODS: For experiments, the autopsy reports belonging to eight different causes of death were collected, preprocessed and converted into 43 master feature vectors using various schemes for feature extraction, representation, and reduction. The six different text classification techniques were applied on these 43 master feature vectors to construct a classification model that can predict the cause of death. Finally, classification model performance was evaluated using four performance measures i.e. overall accuracy, macro precision, macro-F-measure, and macro recall.

    RESULTS: From experiments, it was found that that unigram features obtained the highest performance compared to bigram, trigram, and hybrid-gram features. Furthermore, in feature representation schemes, term frequency, and term frequency with inverse document frequency obtained similar and better results when compared with binary frequency, and normalized term frequency with inverse document frequency. Furthermore, the chi-square feature reduction approach outperformed Pearson correlation, and information gain approaches. Finally, in text classification algorithms, support vector machine classifier outperforms random forest, Naive Bayes, k-nearest neighbor, decision tree, and ensemble-voted classifier.

    CONCLUSION: Our results and comparisons hold practical importance and serve as references for future works. Moreover, the comparison outputs will act as state-of-art techniques to compare future proposals with existing automated text classification techniques.

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  8. Subramaniam S
    Malays J Pathol, 1991 Jun;13(1):5-15.
    PMID: 1795562
    As general pathologists in Malaysia are required to perform medico-legal autopsies, this paper is written with the hope that it may serve as a guide to the less initiated. An account of elementary ballistics is included because it is essential for understanding the features of wounds produced by firearms. A complete autopsy examination including a systematic approach to the injuries is advocated. The recognition and interpretation of firearm injuries can often be difficult and it is essential that all features of injuries and other relevant findings are carefully observed and recorded. Relevant observations, documentation and opinions necessary for accurate determination of the true circumstances of death are discussed.
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  9. Ling, W.W., Ling, L.P., Chin, Z.H., Wong, I.T., Wong, A.Y., Nasef, A., et al.
    Int J Public Health Res, 2011;1(2):152-162.
    Intake and Output (I/O) records in hospitals were often found to be incomplete and illegible. The form used to record I/O is not user-friendly - i.e., they feature miniscule boxes, 'total' lines that do not correspond with shift changes and lack of instructions. Complaints often received from Specialists & Doctors regarding calculation errors or no totalling of I/O. Moreover, Nursing Sisters objective rounds often saw incompleteness of I/O chart. This study aims to identify the types of mistakes in recording the existing I/O chart. The second aim is to find out whether shift totalling of I/O chart helps in reducing mistakes. We try to determine whether the identified mistakes were repeated in the new I/O Chart. This study was conducted from October till December 2010 in 9 selected wards in Sibu Hospital. Data collection was divided into 3 phases. A pre-implementation audit using a checklist was carried out. The compliance rate of completeness of documentation of I/O Chart was 63%. A one month trial of new I/O chart was being done in the selected 9 wards. Post implementation audit showed a significant improvement of compliance rate (88%). Feedback from health care workers (N=110) showed that, 89% of doctors (n=17) and 60% of nurses (n=93) in the sample prefer to use the new format as more practical and relevant to the changing shift of nurses and doctors' ward round. It is suggested to implement the new format to increase compliance rate of documentation of I/O charting. Briefing should be given to nurses periodically and the new format should be introduced to nursing students in nursing colleges.
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  10. Yeasmin L, Ali MN, Gantait S, Chakraborty S
    3 Biotech, 2015 Feb;5(1):1-11.
    PMID: 28324361 DOI: 10.1007/s13205-014-0201-5
    Genetic diversity represents the heritable variation both within and among populations of organisms, and in the context of this paper, among bamboo species. Bamboo is an economically important member of the grass family Poaceae, under the subfamily Bambusoideae. India has the second largest bamboo reserve in Asia after China. It is commonly known as "poor man's timber", keeping in mind the variety of its end use from cradle to coffin. There is a wide genetic diversity of bamboo around the globe and this pool of genetic variation serves as the base for selection as well as for plant improvement. Thus, the identification, characterization and documentation of genetic diversity of bamboo are essential for this purpose. During recent years, multiple endeavors have been undertaken for characterization of bamboo species with the aid of molecular markers for sustainable utilization of genetic diversity, its conservation and future studies. Genetic diversity assessments among the identified bamboo species, carried out based on the DNA fingerprinting profiles, either independently or in combination with morphological traits by several researchers, are documented in the present review. This review will pave the way to prepare the database of prevalent bamboo species based on their molecular characterization.
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  11. Shazrizil Zakaria, Desa Ahmad, Khalina Abdan, Mohd Rafee Baharudin
    Fire emergencies are threat to the occupants of a residential college. Some of the Malaysian residential colleges were built in the 1970s. Back then, the compliancy to Uniform Building By-law 1984 was not entirely practiced. This study aims to evaluate fire safety measures in selected residential colleges of a Malaysian University, which were built before 1984. This includes occupants’ level of awareness and knowledge of the occupants regarding fire safety measures. This study was conducted in selected residential colleges, built before 1984, which were named as A, B, C, and D Colleges. One new college building was selected to be the control variable, the E College. Survey questionnaires were given to 401 respondents to obtain information regarding the fire safety awareness and knowledge. Fire safety inspections were conducted to determine the level of fire safety protection systems in colleges and the documentation of emergency response plan were reviewed. From the study, the level of fire safety awareness among the occupants were higher compared to their fire safety knowledge. Fire safety inspection result indicated that overall buildings inspected complies with the local regulation while safety documentation reviews were satisfactorily adequate. Overall, the score for fire safety measures in all selected colleges were sufficient and in good condition. This study is significant for those in the field of safety and health practice pertaining to fire safety engineering and regulations, to plan for better and more efficient fire hazard and risk assessment.
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  12. Kunjuraman, Velan
    The practice of traditional medicine has been deduced based on
    available evidences from the Malay, Chinese and Indian communities in
    Malaysia. Based on extensive review of previous literature, the study
    discovered that there is limited empirical documentation on the types of floras
    used as Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) by the rural
    communities in Sabah, especially those residing along the Ramsar site. Thus,
    this article aims to document the types of floras used in TCM by the rural
    communities in the Dagat village at the Lower Kinabatangan-Segama area.
    The data for the study were obtained from a series of in-depth interviews and
    field observations. The findings revealed that the rural communities in the
    Dagat village utilized floras available around the village as TCM in their daily
    lives. TCM using floras have helped to save lives in emergency cases,
    especially for pregnant women with high risks during pregnancy. This study is
    significant as it presents an empirical documentation of floras for TCM
    practices among the local community in Sabah, Malaysia.
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  13. Umi Izzatti Saedon, Nicholas Pang Tze Ping, Loo, Jiann Lin
    Inaccessibility to clinical supervision is an issue faced by solo clinical psychologist practitioners. Combination use of web-based instant messaging and video call application were tried by 28 clinical psychologists in conducting a peer-led group tele-supervision to address ethical dilemmas, discuss case management, provide technical instruction, explore resistance and analyse countertransference, provide emotional support, and share knowledge and updated guidelines. Despite facing challenges including difficulty in face-to-face session scheduling, limited time for in-depth discussion, internet connection issues, and documentation dilemma, we believe it has potential to influence supervision practice for clinicians working in isolation in rural or remote locations.
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  14. Lee DJ, Kim SY, Kim JD, Kim YS, Song HJ, Park CY
    Sains Malaysiana, 2015;44:1693-1699.
    This paper presents a low-cost method of constructing the compact UV illuminator, which is considered as an important
    component of a gel documentation system. The procedure involves using a smallest-possible UV lamp and a motor which
    moves the UV lamp in the UV illuminator instead of conventional 4 UV lamps. A comparative analysis of images produced
    by using the commercial gel documentation system and our prototype was carried out. These comparisons were done
    in real DNA gel as well as a reference plate made of quantum dot. The plate was composed of the chambers filled with
    various densities of the quantum dot instead of the Agarose gel containing the ETBR in order to increase the accuracy of
    comparison and the convenience of experiments. Despite the use of only 1 UV lamp, the proposed system demonstrated
    a similar imaging performance compared with the conventional gel documentation system equipped with 4 UV lamps,
    resulting in the great reduction of the system cost.
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  15. Paul G, Murty OP
    JUMMEC, 1999;4:88-93.
    The requirement of the medical graduate, tabled in the objectives of undergraduate medical education, as envisaged by the Malaysian Medical Council, call for the all round basic doctor to be able to handle any medical emergency, as well as meet the requirements of law in examining, documenting and reporting on the common offences of the Penal Code, where medical documentation is required of law for the purposes of dispensing justice. However, in tabling the amended requirements of the undergraduate syllabus on the lines of those followed in sollie of the more developed nations, we seem to have lost this perspective. The authors discuss, based on his previous experience from another former colonial country viz. India, where the objectives of the undergraduate training is the same, and the influences 011 the legal profession bear a common origin and governance, the relevance of some of these topics, coming under the antbit of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology as an undergraduate subject, in the day-to-day practise of medicine in and out of government service. While this issue has been the frequent topic of discussion in international confereilces and symposia, where the decline in the standards of medico-legal work in the coulltries attending have been blanled on the fall in the standard of undergraduate teaching, due recognition of the pitfalls of the deletion or whittling down of the course content, independent of the overall overhauling of the syllabi of medical schools, to keep up to the trends of overseas universities, has not been accorded in the planing of the coursc revisions, resulting in a deletion of a vital aspect of daily practise of medicine. KEYWORDS: Medico-legal; Undergraduates
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  16. Chelliah A, Amar HB, Hyde J, Yewdall K, Steinberg PD, Guest JR
    PeerJ, 2015;3:e777.
    PMID: 25737817 DOI: 10.7717/peerj.777
    Knowledge about the timing and synchrony of coral spawning has important implications for both the ecology and management of coral reef ecosystems. Data on the timing of spawning and extent of synchrony, however, are still lacking for many coral reefs, particularly from equatorial regions and from locations within the coral triangle. Here we present the first documentation of a multi-species coral spawning event from reefs around Pulau Tioman, Peninsular Malaysia, a popular diving and tourist destination located on the edge of the coral triangle. At least 8 coral species from 3 genera (Acropora, Montipora and Porites) participated in multi-species spawning over five nights in April 2014, between two nights before and two nights after the full moon. In addition, two Acropora species were witnessed spawning one night prior to the full moon in October 2014. While two of the Acropora species that reproduced in April (A. millepora and A. nasuta) exhibited highly synchronous spawning (100% of sampled colonies), two other common species (A. hyacinthus and A. digitifera) did not contain visible eggs in the majority of colonies sampled (i.e., <15% of colonies) in either April or October, suggesting that these species spawn at other times of the year. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first detailed documented observation of multi-species coral spawning from reefs in Malaysia. These data provide further support for the contention that this phenomenon is a feature of all speciose coral assemblages, including equatorial reefs. More research is needed, however, to determine the seasonal cycles and extent of spawning synchrony on these reefs and elsewhere in Malaysia.
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  17. Arshad AR, Ganesananthan S, Ajik S
    Med J Malaysia, 2000 Sep;55(3):331-40.
    PMID: 11200713
    A study was carried out in Kuala Lumpur Hospital to review the adequacy of documentation of bio-data and clinical data including clinical examination, progress review, discharge process and doctor's identification in ten of our clinical departments. Twenty criteria were assessed in a retrospective manner to scrutinize the contents of medical notes and subsequently two prospective evaluations were conducted to see improvement in case notes documentation. Deficiencies were revealed in all the criteria selected. However there was a statistically significant improvement in the eleven clinical data criteria in the subsequent two evaluations. Illegibility of case note entries and an excessive usage of abbreviations were noted during this audit. All clinical departments and hospitals should carry out detailed studies into the contents of their medical notes.
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  18. Victor Lim
    Consent is defined as the “voluntary agreement to or acquiescence in what another person proposes or desires”. In the context of medical practice it is now universally accepted that every human being of adult years and of sound mind has the right to determine what shall be done with his or her own body. Informed consent is now a central part of medical ethics and medical law. There has been a change in the public’s expectations of their role in medical decision making. The paternalistic approach by doctors is no longer acceptable. Today the patient has the right to receive and the doctor the obligation to give sufficient and appropriate information so that the patient can make an informed decision to accept or refuse a treatment option. This has led to higher standards of practice in the process of informed consent taking. Consent taking is both a legal and moral requirement. Failure to comply with standards of practice can result in criminal prosecution, civil litigation or disciplinary action by the relevant professional authority. Consent taking is a process and not merely a one-off affixation of the patient’s signature on consent form. It involves a continuous discussion to reflect the evolving nature of treatment from before the treatment is given to the post-operative or discharge period. The regulatory authorities in many countries have established standards for consent taking which would include the capacity of the patient, the person who should seek consent, the information to be provided and the necessary documentation.
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  19. Mohamad Nasaruddin Mahdzir, Izwan Effendy Zainuddin, Sharifa Ezat Wan Puteh
    Int J Public Health Res, 2012;2(2):177-183.
    The relationship between healthcare services and inequalities is more likely when a group that shares a salient identity faces severe inequalities of various kinds. Such inequalities may be catalyzed by economic, social, political or concern cultural status. The objectives of this review are to identify the issues and challenges involve in healthcare inequalities, to compare factors contributes to healthcare inequalities and to purpose suggestions and recommendations for improvement based on issues and challenges between United States and India. Comparing annual year healthcare report, documentation of healthcare institutional, Ministry of Health's report and circular, official institutional website, scientific healthcare journals, articles and reports published in 1994 until 2011 regarding healthcare inequalities between United States and India. Health inequalities in the healthcare system contributed by the different in socioeconomic status and accessibility to the healthcare facility due to high cost of treatment has been common risk 'Catastrophic' factors to the inequalities in both countries. Health financing system and resource allocation that benefit only the upper class social spectrum of the population. Disparities occur due to the imbalance in distribution of wealth, discrimination and change in the world economy. Adapting healthcare system that provides care to all classes of people need improvement as no healthcare system is perfect. This matter must be tackle urgently as it's a matter of national concern.
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  20. Myint, Y.Y., Tun, Y.
    Background: Historically, more men enrolled in medical schools than women. However, during the last few decades, there has been an increase in the number of women attending medical schools worldwide. Although a similar trend is seen, there is no documentation found in Malaysia. In this present study, we investigated if such gender enrolment differences occurred at our medical school. Methods: Information was obtained from Kulliyyah of Medicine student statistic for 2006/2007 section and graduates from 2001/2002 (1st batch) to 2006/2007. Results: Our study showed that more than half (60%)of our students are female and all students who received distinction in final year exam from 2002 till now are females although the number of males who needed to sit for the supplementary examination outnumbered the females during that period. Discussion: The feminization of medicine in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) was similar to other studies worldwide. Further research should be aimed on comparison of the academic performance of male and female medical students and also choice of specialty chosen by men and women in our university.
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