• 1 Department of Medicine, Chemical Pathology, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan, Malaysia
PMID: 9279999


Height and body weight were measured in 2,284 subjects over 20 years old. The subjects were chosen by cluster sampling in 9 districts of Kelantan. Blood was drawn after an overnight fast for measurement of cholesterol (chol), triglyceride (TG), VLDL and HDL-Chol. Oral glucose tolerance test was performed with 75 g glucose. The overall prevalence of overweight [BMI (kg/m2) > or = 25-< or = 30] and obesity (BMI > 30) was 21.3% and 4.5% respectively. The overweight and obese were significantly younger than the lean subjects. The prevalence of hypercholesterolemia (chol > 5.2 mmol/l) in lean, overweight and obese subjects was 65.3%, 70.2% and 74.7%, respectively. Impaired glucose tolerance was found in 16.6% of the lean, 21.6% of the overweight and 32.0% of the obese subjects. Diabetes mellitus was found in 7.9% of the lean, 10.5% of the overweight and 6.7 of the obese subjects. 10.1% of lean, 13.2% of overweight and 23.3% of obese individuals were hypertensive. In conclusion, the high prevalence of overweight and obesity in Malaysia was associated with adverse lipid and glucose metabolism as well as poor blood pressure control.

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